FRONTIER(S)France-108 Mins. 2007

Written and Directed by Xavier Gens


Karina Testa as Yasmine

Samuel Le Bihan as Goetz

Estelle LeFebure as Gilberte

Aurelian Wiik as Alex

David Saracino as Tom

Chems Dahmani as Farid

Maud Forget as Eva

Amelie Daure as Klaudia

Joel LeFrancois as Hans

Patrick Ligardes as Karl

Jean-Pierre Jorris as Von Geisler

After rioting breaks out in the streets of Paris due to the election of a conservative candidate to the French presidency, five friends (Alex, Tom, Farid, Yasmine and her brother Sami) take advantage of the chaos to pull off a robbery. One of the friends, Sami, is shot and Alex and Yasmine, who herself is pregnant, take him to a hospital while Tom and Farid flee to a family-operated inn near the border. The four of them, minus Sami, eventually re-unite at the inn. They may as well have re-united in hell. The family is a crazed, cruel group whose patriach is a former, yet still practicing Nazi. To say that there will be blood is an understatement of monumental proportions. The proper statement would be ‘Wear a raincoat, for there will be blood. Gallons of it.’

With Frontier(s), the French prove once again that they can make as gory and as terrifying a film as any American filmmaker could ever hope to make. The gore in this film comes at you from all sides and in many different way. One character is literally cooked alive, another has his Achilles tendon severed, there is death by table saw, death by shotgun decapitation, yada yada yada, there’s enough blood, gore and death to satisfy the hardcore horror fan. This film was intended to be a part of the 8 Films to Die For at Horrorfest 2007, but was instead released unrated to 10 U.S. theaters for one weekend. It was finally released on DVD as part of the Horrorfest lineup.

I can tell you without any hesitation that I loved this film. Along with Inside, it is one of the most grueling, harrowing and downright nerve-wracking motion pictures that I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Director Xavier Gens and the amazing cast have delivered a horror film that packs all the wallop of a semi traveling full speed downhill on an icy road. If you can stomach the gore, you need to see this film.

One of the taglines for the film is ‘What are your boundaries?’

Well? Do you have any?